This survey gathers preliminary information about research/development proposals that appear to have potential to directly prevent age-related diseases, or have some potential application to further this goal. Here, we ask for general information about your research/development proposal, including the outline of your proposal, how it applies to preventing age-related diseases, the resources you are able and willing to commit to the project if any, and estimates of funding and staff required.
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Are you OK with reviewers being allowed to consider your proposal without the burden of signing an NDA?  Note that checking "No" will severely limit the number of reviewers willing to look at your proposal, which could delay your project's progress and limit it's ability to get the attention it needs to thrive. Many reviewers are concerneed about signing NDAs because they are concerned about legal liability. Conversely, if you check "Yes" your project will more likely move into the fast lane. Don't worry, even if you check 'Yes' we will not publish information in your proposal without your permission. People will be shown your submission on a need-to-know basis only.  

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In 100 - 300 characters, please describe the general outline of your research proposal, and briefly comment on the relevance of this proposed research to extending healthy human life. Note: please be general and concise with this outline. We understand that scientific research proposals can be complicated, and thus will ask for greater detail and references at a later point in the proposal process.

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Please give us at least one, but no more than three, scientific references that are fundamental to the development of, or inspiration for, your proposal. Links should be URLs pointing to the abstract/paper on Pubmed. If the reference does not exist on Pubmed, then a URL pointing directly to the abstract/paper elsewhere.
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